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Training SelvaCoop

Training courses KA1
Erasmus plus partner provider

training selvacoop ttaining courses KA1 erasmus plus

Selva acts as promoter of the ERASMUS+ programme and all the EU direct funding programmes.

Selvacoop proposes training courses Erasmus plus Italy (Tuscany).

The aims of the Selva are:

  • to enable information and experience among the European ERASMUS+ Mobility Programm;
  • to promote mobility of students, academic and administrative staff in the territory of the European Union and beyond;
  • to promote principles and participation in the European ERASMUS+ Mobility Programmes;
  • to support the process of raising education and quality standards in the territory of the European Union and beyond; 
  • to organize seminars and conferences, with an assumption of enabling direct communication among the Network’s members and be a catalyst for increased mobility throughout Europe and beyond, as well as defining new areas of the Network’s activity;
  • to prepare and submit project proposals to be funded by the European Commission;
  • to cooperate as a partner in European funded projects;
  • to run surveys and studies on topics relating to the above and to produce publications of interests to the members.

Our OID Number is:  E10158485

    training selvacoop

    Training Selvacoop from the Erasmus + Guideline 2022

    we can organize

    Preparatory visits: organizations can set up a preparatory visit to their hosting partner before the mobility takes place.

    Preparatory visits are not a stand-alone activity, but a supporting arrangement for mobility of staff or learners. Each preparatory visit must have a clear reasoning and must serve to improve the scope and quality of mobility activities.

    For example, preparatory visits can be organized to start working with a new partner organization, or to prepare longer mobility activities.

    Preparatory visits can be organized in preparation for any type of learner or staff mobility, apart from courses and training.

    Latest Courses

    Course Fees

    Fees from September 2022 courses

    foc training selvacoop

    Course Locations: Italy: Buggiano (Pistoia) – Ponte Buggianese (Pistoia)

    Training and Administration Fees: 80 Euro per training day
    (Includes material, internet, coffee break)

    ONLINE Courses: Different fees apply for online courses, see special announcements or ask the organizers.
    Additional cost options: Excursion, Night out, Transfers from airports.
    If you want we can organize Accommodation/Food, Social Events: ask the organizers for suggestions or special prices secured for the course.

    *Optional: All courses may be extended to 5 day courses with additional hands on activity. Ask the organizers for more information.

    **Use the contact link below to request further information.

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