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Playful pedagogy

Through the privileged tool of play (sport, art, culture, workshops etc. etc.) we have multiple life experiences and above all we are able to keep active and trained our ability to face situations and to actively act on the contexts in which we move; because in every moment, especially during childhood, the individual experiences and learns, not necessarily notions and knowledge, but also emotions.

Play activities acquire an educational dimension, also from a cognitive and affective point of view, as the person can: experience life, get to know each other, learn concepts, feel emotions and learn to control them, share rules, socialize with peers, establish relationships of trust, learn respect for oneself for others and for the environment, acquire skills and abilities, experiment with forms of autonomy.

Dates and location are subject to change.


Teachers of this course are mainly internal to the Cooperative itself, therefore operators and employees who are familiar with the services, their characteristics and the requisites necessary to carry them out. In-depth study on the methodology of the Pedagogy of Play, on the tools, including digital ones, available, practical and experiential tests, with children and the elderly.

During the course activities one day will be dedicated to a tour/visit of places, art and touristic cities (Firenze, Lucca, Pistoia, Pisa, Viareggio, Livorno, Arezzo, Massa e Carrara, Vinci, Montecatini Alto, ecc) museums or sports enterprices, tasting experiences and local tour.

Session 1

Start date: 20 Febbraio 2023
End date: 24 Febbraio 2023

Session 2

Start date: 23 Ottobre 2023
End date: 27 Ottobre 2023


Buggiano, Tuscany, Italy


In program


More info soon

Target courses

Teacher, educator


5 days From monday to friday

Course Highlights

  • Playful Pedagogy: What is it?
  • Educational approaches with children and elderly
  • Problem Solving experience and soft skills
  • Tools
  • Experiences


The course wants to train and to update educators, teachers and animators.

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