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Social and recreative activities for elderly

The animator for elderly people is a support figure who work in direct contact with the social and medical equipe and promotes recreational recreational activities aimed at the inclusion and participation of older users.

Animators are mainly required by residential and semi-residential structures, where the presence of a figure who can present educational and playful projects to be integrated into daily activities is necessary. Knowing the users’ needs to stimulate the playful, cultural and expressive potential is one of the primary tasks of this professional.

During the course will be addressed issues related to the psycho-physical characteristics of people with different levels of self-sufficiency, health education and first aid elements, but also elements of psychology of the elderly and pathologies of the elderly.

From the technical point of view, instead, you will learn to manage the places of aggregation, organizing a creative program that can make use of theater, motor and recreational education, to increase the sense of belonging to the group.

Dates and location are subject to change.

Session 1

Start date: 19 Settembre 2022
End date: 23 Settembre 2022

Session 2

Start date: 3 Aprile 2023
End date: 7 Aprile 2023


Buggiano, Tuscany, Italy


In program


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Target courses

Animators for the elderly


5 days From monday to friday

Course Fee

80 € par day

Course Highlights

  • Educational approaches for elderly
  • Elements of Elderly psychology
  • Management of the aid report
  • Problem Solving experience and soft skills
  • Tools
  • Experiences


Main objective of the course is to train a professional figure able to promote integration processes and participation of elderly users, resident in residential and semi-residential structures, in the social context.

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