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Management place, marketing place and events organization

Promotional activities aimed at highlighting the strengths of a specific location, more or less touristy: hospitality, accommodation facilities, attractions and naturalistic beauties must be communicated in the right way to the right target of users.

Dates and location are subject to change.


The course deals with the marketing and communication tools and techniques necessary to enhance the local resources of a specific region, with particular attention to the food and wine sector and tourism. There will be space for analysis, study and management of promotional events for typical local products.
The skills acquired will allow students to operate in the sectors of food and wine communication, tourism and craftsmanship excellence, with particular focus on the launch of new products and services, on the organization of events for economic, tourist and cultural purposes, on activation of internationalization processes and on the management of press office activities.

During the course activities one day will be dedicated to a tour/visit of places, art and touristic cities (Firenze, Lucca, Pistoia, Pisa, Viareggio, Livorno, Arezzo, Massa e Carrara, Vinci, Montecatini Alto, ecc) museums or enterprices, tasting experiences and local tour.

Session 1

Start date: 6 Febbraio 2023
End date: 10 Febbraio 2023

Session 2

Start date: 2 Ottobre 2023
End date: 6 Ottobre 2023


Buggiano, Tuscany, Italy


In program


More info soon

Target courses

Marketing manager, marketing officer, event manager


5 days From monday to friday

Course Fee

80 € par day

Course Highlights

  • How to define a territorial marketing project
  • The target and the segmentation of tourism demand
  • The competitiveness of the territory
  • Local operators intended as actors
  • Swot analysis: strengths and weaknesses of the territory
  • Development strategies
  • Creation of the territorial marketing plan
  • Identification of territorial marketing actions
  • Construction of the promotional mechanics of the territory
  • Identification and composition of the promo-marketing basket
  • PR actions and media impact assessment
  • Monitoring of territorial marketing results and calculation of redemption
  • Interactive marketing and Internet environment
  • Knowing the customer: Customer analysis / satisfaction
  • Relational marketing (Customer service)


The Training Course trains experienced managers in marketing and communication able to work in communication agencies, press offices, marketing offices of institutions and companies for the promotion of products and services in the food and wine, tourism sector and for the management of events related to typical local products.

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