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Sports Nutrition for Sport associations

This Course is for all the Sports school educators or Sports association coaches or insiders or nutritional educators who wants to expand their knowledge about nutrition in sports. This course will develop the knowledge and the understanding of importance about the good nutrition before, during and after the sports activities, for all the types of athletes. The course will develop the skills of the insiders on the different types of diets in relation to the different types of activities.


This course will empower the competence about sports nutrition and the knowledge of the importance of an adequate nutrition through all the sports activities. The course will provide practical knowledge about good nutrition and psychology of nutritional disorders in youth. And help the teachers to provide nutrition racommendations with the families.

During the course activities one day will be dedicated to a tour/visit of places, art and touristic cities (Firenze, Lucca, Pistoia, Pisa, Viareggio, Livorno, Arezzo, Massa e Carrara, Vinci, Montecatini Alto, ecc) museums or sports enterprices, tasting experiences and local tour.

Dates and location are subject to change.

Session 1

Start date: 5 Settembre 2022
End date: 9 Settembre 2022

Session 2

Start date: 20 Marzo 2023
End date: 24 Marzo 2023


Buggiano, Tuscany, Italy


In program


More info soon


5 days From monday to friday

Course Fee

80 € par day

Course Highlights

  • Define and compare different nutrition education techniques and approaches
  • Describe recommendations for nutrition education
  • Creation of an integrated methodology enforcing positive values in nutrition education and healthy alimentation habits
  • Define the principal eating disorders / main symptoms / causes and possibility of intervention
  • Development of hands on  methodology for nutrition education with schoolchildren from 5 to 18 years old
  • Develop the knowledge of the dangers of social media for the youth


Teachers will learn strategies to make the nutrition education more relevant in school and inside the young community.

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