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Street education for young and youth operators

The street worker is a professional figure who carries out prevention, assistance and social recovery activities for all weak groups. The main task of the street worker is to follow a “weak” subject from the identification of the problem to his own solution, in collaboration with the public assistance network and with the various subjects present in the area.

To do this, the operator must first establish relationships and contacts with the school, the family, the places of association in the neighbourhood, with the aim of evaluating and contextualizing the subject, understanding the causes that condition and orient his behaviour in the context of social disadvantage.
Subsequently, the operator’s action is aimed at establishing a direct relationship with the subject, characterized by a strong component empathic, in order to:

  • take into consideration the problems identified and exposed;
  • exercise a role of guidance, advice, guidance, support and collaboration;
  • allow the person to progress in the relationship with the surrounding environment so that a progressive recovery can be configured and reintegration into the social context


The course aims to train street workers. The street worker is a figure who works in contact with young people, meeting them directly in the meeting places, which carries out activities that aim to create paths and activities to promote youth well-being, such as antidote to the discomfort that is often associated with this age group, working in a network with the subjects of the territory engaged in activities social and educational character and more generally promoting the empowerment of the local community. It is a dynamic, stimulating work in which be able to exploit their skills and acquire others.

During the course activities one day will be dedicated to a tour/visit of places, art and touristic cities (Firenze, Lucca, Pistoia, Pisa, Viareggio, Livorno, Arezzo, Massa e Carrara, Vinci, Montecatini Alto, ecc) museums or sports enterprices, tasting experiences and local tour.

Dates and location are subject to change.

Session 1

Start date: 2 Gennaio 2023
End date: 6 Gennaio 2023

Session 2

Start date: 11 Settembre 2023
End date: 15 Settembre 2023


Buggiano, Tuscany, Italy


In program


More info soon


5 days From monday to friday

Course Fee

80 € par day

Course Highlights

  • Street work: social and communicative contexts
  • Network work: resources e territorial services
  • Communication techniques and methodologies
  • Street work and new media
  • Operational models of intervention
  • Street education experience


The course aims to train street workers.

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